Friday, October 31, 2014

Patricia Miller on Ross Douthat and Synod on Family: Catholic Doctrine Has Evolved

At Religion Dispatches, Patricia Miller has an interesting take on Ross Douthat's recent temper tantrum regarding the synod on the family's willingness (initially) to entertain discussion of welcoming gay folks and permitting divorced and remarried folks to receive communion. As she notes, Douthat argues that church teaching on these matters is locked in, unchangeable, quasi-infallible (if not outright infallible). And to change a jot or tittle of any of the teachings about marital matters would be to cause the whole Catholic edifice to fall to the ground.

Sarah Posner on David Gushee's Solidarity with LGBT Community: Anti-Gay Culture Warriors of Today Will Look Like "Dead-Enders on Race" After Civil Rights Struggle

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice ~ Martin Luther King.

I like how Sarah Posner frames the significance of David Gushee's important announcement that, as an evangelical Christian ethicist, he now stands unambiguously in solidarity with LGBT human beings. I discussed this announcement here several days ago. Posner states,

Apple CEO Tim Cook Declares that Being Gay Is "Among the Greatest Gifts God Has Given Me," and I Think of the Synod on the Family

It is fascinating to read the announcement of Apple CEO Tim Cook in Businessweek yesterday that he's gay in light of the tortured back and forth that has just taken place at the highest level of the Catholic church about whether "these people" have gifts or should have any place at the Catholic table. The initial draft of the synod's relatio, which the fathers of the church found impossible to affirm, said, 

Synod on Family: Commentary by Juan José Tamayo, Jamie Manson, and Frank Brennan — "Trying to Confine the Genie to the Episcopal Kitchen"

As another work week ends, a round-up of several more statements about the recent Catholic synod on the family well worth reading:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mary Hunt on Synod on the Family: "No Substitute for Straightforward Acknowledgement of a New Reality"

As with everything theologian Mary Hunt writes, her take on the recent synod on the family is excellent. As she says, she understands why so many people both inside and outside the Catholic church had hoped that this event might show a willingness of the leaders of the church to be dragged "kicking and screaming into the 21st century."  But:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More News: Updates to Stories about Archbishop Nienstedt, Rev. Frank Schaefer, David Gushee, and LDS Church

And finally this morning, some odds and ends providing updates on stories we've discussed here in the past: 

Conservative Response to Ross Douthat on Impending Catholic Schism if Church Welcomes Gays: Damon Linker and Andrew Sullivan

Two conservative thinkers respond to Ross Douthat about the schism he sees looming in the Catholic church if Pope Francis continues, as Douthat thinks, to betray the "small minority" who have "kept the faith":