Thursday, April 24, 2014

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage: Michael Sean Winters at National Catholic Reporter on "Gendergeist" Issues

As Michael Sean Winters reports that Harold Meyerson sees liberal leaders resurgent in many American cities, he adds:

The Canonization of Pope John Paul II: My Continued Dissent (and the Loud, Clear Message to Me as a Gay Catholic)

As the canonization of Pope John Paul II (and of Pope John XXIII) nears, I thought it might be helpful if I pointed Bilgrimage readers to several postings in which I state my case for dissenting from the decision of the Vatican to canonize John Paul II. I made that case here, with a footnote added here, and I surveyed a number of other statements of dissent to the proposal to canonize John Paul II here.

The Argument for Tolerance for Those Opposing Marriage Equality on Grounds of Religion and Tradition: A Critical Response

Jonathan Rauch argues for tolerance for those sincerely opposing same-sex marriage on religious grounds by noting that "[v]irtually all human societies, including our own until practically the day before yesterday, took as a given that combining the two sexes was part of the essence of marriage." He also bases his appeal for tolerance in the assertion that "opposition to gay marriage has deep religious roots."

Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Every Life Is Different Because You Passed This Way and Touched History": Easter Meditation Points

Good Friday sets the stage for Easter: to complete the bouquet of meditative pieces I gathered for you on Good Friday, here's an Easter offering from things I've read over the years, notes jotted in my journals (with a common thread of reflecting on the word "life" and its manifold meanings):

Friday, April 18, 2014

Richard Kim: Andrew Sullivan vs. Tony Kushner on Gay Rights — "Our Suffering Teaches Us Solidarity; or It Should"

Richard Kim writes in The Nation about the fundamental divergence between Andrew Sullivan's libertarian vision of what the movement for gay rights should be all about, and Tony Kushner's socialist vision: as he notes in his conclusion, if the movement for gay rights is all about rights for us and not for them, who needs it? If our suffering has been only about our suffering, what's it good for, in the last analysis?:

Thanks to Frank Strong, Letters to the Catholic Right, for Recommending My Series on Letters to Charlotte Bishop William Curlin

I'm very grateful to Frank Strong at his Letters to the Catholic Right blog site for recommending my series of postings linking the controversy at Charlotte Catholic High School to my letters to Bishop William Curlin in the 1990s. Frank has gathered my series of postings together in a series of links at his site. I appreciate his doing this, since it allows folks who want to read the set of postings as a single narrative to find them all at a glance.

"There Is No Such Thing As Foreign Suffering": Good Friday Meditation Points

Meditation points for Good Friday, all drawn from things I've read over the years, notes jotted down in my journals: