Friday, October 9, 2015

Weekend Blogging Hiatus

Dear Readers,

I am traveling this weekend and participating in a panel discussion at an academic society meeting, and so I won't be posting on the weekend. I've closed the last three discussion threads for the period in which I won't be blogging, since, in my view, some of the discussions are heading off on tangents that are not really productive and the combox is being used more to mount attacks on other contributors (myself perhaps above all, as the moderator of the discussion threads) than for helpful conversation.

Thanks for your understanding, and have a great weekend!

On Evil and Angelic Troublemakers: What Bayard Rustin (and Martin Luther King and Gandhi) Were About

Colleen, thank you for reminding me that angelic troublemakers should not forget their vocation to be troublemakers. The point on which I'm insisting over and over in comments here lately is that I think we should struggle to keep aiming at the angelic side of the equation, too.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

New York Times on Pope's Comments About Bishop Barros in Chile: They Instill Doubt About Pope's Commitment to Protecting Abuse Victims

Pascal Bonnefoy reports for New York Times yesterday on the video about which I appended a note to Brittie Perez's great essay, which was shot by an Argentine tourist in St. Peter's Square last May, and released Friday. As I noted, it shows Pope Francis blaming "leftists" for the uproar that ensued when he appointed Juan Barros bishop of Osorno, Chile, and stigmatizing the people of Osorno as dumb.

Tom Gallagher on Who Dunnit of Pope's Meeting with Kim Davis: Kurtz and Lori Deny Involvement — But "Depth and Breadth of the Hurt . . . Has Negatively Affected Millions of People of Goodwill"

Tom Gallagher reports yesterday evening for National Catholic Reporter about his attempts to gather more information about who initiated the "highly secret rendezvous" of Kim Davis with the pope, which included a Secret Service pick-up of Davis and her husband to bring them (her hair bundled in a head covering to disguise her) to the residence of the papal nuncio. As he writes, 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mary Hunt on Synod: "'Membership' Is Made Up of All Men All the Time. What Possible Justification Can There Be for This in the 21st Century?"

Catholic theologian Mary Hunt on the him-nod synod on the family now taking place in Rome:

Tina Beattie on Synod: "Francis's Opportunity to Show That He Is Really Serious . . . About Giving Women a More Significant Role, and I Don't Think He's Delivered on It"

Catholic theologian Tina Beattie, commenting to Catholic Women Speak Network on the him-nod synod on the family now taking place in Rome:

Mary McAleese on Synod: "If I Wanted Expertise on the Family, I Honestly Cannot Say That the First Thing That Would Come Into My Mind Would Be to Call Together 300 Celibate Males"

Mary McAleese, former president of Ireland, commenting recently to a meeting of the Global Network of Rainbow (LGBT) Catholics on the him-nod synod on the family now taking place in Rome: