Saturday, October 18, 2014

Photos You Requested As My Book Received Booker-Worthen Prize

Someone (I think it may have been you, Mary Q?) asked that I share photos when I received the Booker-Worthen prize this past Thursday. Unfortunately, no photos were taken.

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage — Cardinal Burke: Gays Should "Leave the Church If They Absolutely Can't Accept" Magisterial Teaching

John Hayes, contributing to a thread discussing the synod on the family started by Father Robert Imbelli at Commonweal:

Questions of the Day: Can the Poor Receive Communion? What Is a Catholic Family?

At Iglesia Descalza, Rebel Girl offers a translation of an article by Father Jorge Costadoat, SJ, in Reflexión y Liberación, asking whether the poor can receive communion. Here's the problem: in Chile, "it's normal for the poor to form their families little by little." Many working-class couples simply don't have the resources to marry sacramentally in the church, when they lack land or lodging, and when a fiesta is expected to mark this important stage in their journey together as a married couple.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Pew Research Center: "Young U.S. Catholics Overwhelmingly Accepting of Homosexuality"

Yesterday, the Pew Research Center study published an article by Michael Lipka, editor of Pew's Religion and Public Life project, with a headline reading, "Young U.S. Catholics Overwhelmingly Accepting of Homosexuality." The article notes the following:

A Re-Posting from Christmas 2010: "Welcoming Churches and Homeless Wayfarers"

I first posted the following meditation on the day after Christmas 2010. I also posted it at my travel blog site, Never in Paradise, with the title "Welcoming Churches and Homeless Wayfarers." It seems to me appropriate to re-post this brief meditation now, as a statement about the discussion taking place in my Catholic church at present, regarding whether the church can or should welcome those who are gay. I wrote this from London on Christmas eve 2010:

The Debate About Welcoming Those Who Are Gay — A Reader Asks: "What Are Catholics Afraid of? And Why"

In your comments about "the ideological warfare and spin-control struggles" that have broken out at the synod on the family over the word "welcome" (the fine phrase about warfare and struggles is Peter Montgomery's, in his valuable overview of this week at the Vatican), several of you (e.g., mgardener) have asked what folks are so afraid of with the word "welcome." What about the clear, unambiguous statement that human beings made gay by God are welcome, for God's sake, in the Catholic church is so threatening to some Catholics?