Sunday, May 24, 2015

NOM Finally Responds to Catholic Ireland's Vote for LGBT Equality: "Millions of Irish Citizens Stood to Vote to Uphold the Truth of Marriage"

Because I asked yesterday where the National Organization for Marriage's response to the vote of Catholic Ireland for equality for LGBT citizens was, out of fairness to NOM, I should report that Brian Brown of NOM issued a statement yesterday afternoon. Since the statement was issued after the election results had been announced, it's baffling to read Brown decrying the "apparent passage" of the equality referendum. Nothing apparent about it, to my way of reading reality.

Fintan O'Toole on Irish Marriage Vote: "Ireland Has Redefined What It Means to Be an Ordinary Human Being"

Of all the commentary I've read now that the Irish have voted overwhelmingly for LGBT equality, Fintan O'Toole's in The Irish Times today stands out. It's one of those essays that manage to be so on point that it's difficult for me to select any one piece of it to suggest to you why you'd be well-advised to read the entire statement. The thematic focus of O'Toole's reflections: in yesterday's referendum results, Ireland has left tolerance behind:

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Final Results of Irish Referendum on Equal Rights for LGBT Citizens: 62% YES, 38% NO — Smashing Victory for Human Rights in Traditionally Catholic Nation

The final results of the Irish referendum on equal rights for LGBT citizens:

As Catholic Ireland Votes for Human Rights for a Minority, Martyr for Those on the Margins, St. Oscar Romero, Is Beatified

And, as long as I'm sharing postings I've made this morning on Facebook and Twitter, here's another I'd like to share with all of you here.

Paging Ms. Gallagher, Paging Ms. Gallagher: Where's NOM Response to Catholic Ireland's Massive Vote for Human Rights (and Compassion, Courage, Hope)?

From my Facebook page today (I'll atone for my cheekiness later today by slaving over a batch of mint jelly after we've had our walk with the dogs.)

Revisiting Michelle Duggar's Remarks About LGBT People as Child Predators Who Endanger the Daughters of Others

Valuable commentary from Out in Arkansas (on its Facebook page), linking to Joanna Rothkopf's Salon article revisiting Michelle Duggar's remarks attacking LGBT citizens of Fayetteville, Arkansas, last year — as potential child molesters . . . . 

Catholic Ireland Says Yes to Human Rights (and Courage, Compassion, and Hope): Ball Now in Court of Church's Pastoral Leaders